Because SIZE really does matter!

For starters, those few extra inches of length will curl anywhere from a foot to about 16 inches MORE hair!


     Who couldn't use an extra few inches?  

     The Mr Big Curling Iron is HOT!  Up to 430 degrees hot so it will curl even the most stubborn hair.  With 6 different temperature settings starting at 180 degrees, it's perfect for all hair types, including hair extensions.  The Mr Big Curling Iron has all the features you have been waiting for, such as...  a huge 9 1/2 inch long barrel (tip included) that will curl at least foot more hair with a single pass! 

     Also important is that the Mr Big Curling Iron is not a wand, it's an iron with a clip. This means your fingers will not get anywhere near that hot barrel when you're creating those beautiful waves.  (Why would anyone want to wear an oven mitt to curl their hair?)

     Also designed with your safety in mind is the coated, heat-resistant stand.  No more burning your fingers when you move the stand out of the way!  

     And as if all that wasn't enough, it also has a triple-plated ceramic coated barrel, which not only helps reduce frizz but is much easier on your hair than bare metal. And because ceramic heat is more evenly distributed, it creates a more unified curl.  The Mr Big Curling Iron also has a rotating cool tip for additional safety and easy twirling, an ergonomically designed grip for the ultimate comfort in hand, controls that are on the sides and out of your way, a 360 degree swivel cord, and 60 minute auto shut-off.

     And most importantly, the Mr Big Curling Iron is the last curling iron you will ever need!  But don't take my word for it, Order Today and see for yourself.  I know you will love it as much as I do!  


They say that necessity is the mother of invention... 


     That holds true in the case of the Mr Big Curling Iron.  I don't know about you, but I've been taming my long hair with curling irons since I was a teen.  Now I'm a mom of two myself so that tells you how long I've been curling my hair!  After waiting years (even decades) for some big company to come up with a curling iron for long hair, I decided why not make one myself?   As a single mom, I can tell you the road in creating the perfect curling iron has not been quick or easy but it's a dream I never gave up on. 

     Mr Big has the longest barrel on the market and is perfect for curling your long hair.  It has so many awesome features but my favorite, of course, is its HUGE barrel!

      Standard curling irons come in so many different widths and styles but most have standard barrel length of only about five inches.  That's not even enough to curl shoulder length hair! The Mr Big Curling Iron solves that problem and makes curling your hair a joy, especially when you'll do it in half the time it used to take!  It took me a long time to get this right but it was worth the wait.  Now I have a product I can be proud of and I can't wait for you to try it. 

     Mr Big has so many features that you'll love.  (Read below to find out more!)  And want to hear something cool?  Since all bathroom vanities are the same depth, I designed this to have the longest barrel a curling iron can have while still fitting inside your bathroom drawer. Clever, eh?  I thought so too!  And the name?  Well come on ladies, let's have a little fun with it!  ;)