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SPRING IS IN THE AIR!  (Or is it?) 

Oh the typical March Madness spring, teasing us with its roller coaster weather.  I don't know about you, but I have some serious spring fever and need a real pick-me-up.  I LOVE the holidays (any holiday) so I've decided that in order to cheer people up, I'm going to start giveaways on social media close to each monthly holiday.  That's right...  a free product giveaway every month and you are the first to know!

So if you aren't already following me on Instagram or facebook (@TressLLC), now is a great time to start.  :D 

Being cooped up has taken its toll on our psyches, and our emotions and stress (sadly) manifest in our hair.  If you are feeling blah lately, I bet your hair is feeling and looking the same.  It could be from the dry heat of being inside too much, lack of vitamin D, feelings of stress and anxiety spilling over from 2020, or maybe you're dealing with even more hardships.  Please hang in there...  the light at the end of this dark tunnel is just around the corner!

I know it's hard to get excited about fixing your hair to go nowhere, but we all need that "Good Hair Day" feeling more than we realize.  So go ahead, style as usual, (hopefully with your favorite Tress product!) and see the difference it can make in your mood. Even if you're just going outside to the mailbox, doing it in style can be the difference between the winter blues and a spring in your step! 

To bring some happy back to you and curb some of this spring fever, I'm offering a special 20% discount on any product at  Use code SPRINGFEVER at checkout.  

Happy Curling and Happy Spring! 

~Team Tress

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