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About Us

One-Stop Shopping For Long Hair

Why aren't there more products for long hair? Long-haired people have unique needs.  Our hair takes longer to dry, longer to style, and tangles more often than our short-haired counterparts, so we need practical solutions now!

Are you tired of the time it takes to style your hair? The goal at Mr Big is to provide you with quality products for your long hair that will save you time each and every day.  For example, our Mr Big and other extended length curling irons and wands are the longest on the market, so they will cut your curling time in half.  In fact, you can curl your hair from root to tip in a single pass with the Mr Big!

We also have scalp massagers to help stimulate hair growth, brushes to detangle, plus other unique styling tools coming soon to make your life easier and your hair more beautiful!

Are you trying to grow out your hair? Our professional products make growing, styling, and maintaining your hair or extensions quick and easy. 

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