FAQs – Mr Big - Products For Long Hair


What is the warranty on your irons?  Mr Big offers a one year replacement warranty on all our irons. The info packet that came with your iron has a warranty manual along with helpful hints, safety instructions, and other valuable information.  Please read ALL instructions before first use.  If you have any issues, please Contact Us anytime.  We're here to help! 

How and when can I return or replace a product?  It depends on where you purchase.  If you purchase from Amazon, they offer a 30 day return policy.  If you purchase directly from us, we offer a 60 day return policy.  Regardless of where you purchase, we are here to help so please Contact Us anytime!

If your product is defective in workmanship or materials and it's still under warranty, we will replace it for you free of charge. Our warranty on all irons is 1 year from the date of purchase so please have your proof of purchase ready before contacting us. We won’t replace products that are out of warranty but please contact us and we can figure it out together.

Please do not attempt to return your product before you Contact Us. 

My Mr Big iron is no longer under warranty. Can I still get it repaired?  We do not repair irons, however we can help with a replacement.  If your item is within the warranty period (or close to it), we can replace it free of charge. Please Contact Us with proof of purchase and for instructions on how to arrange for a replacement.

Where can I purchase your products?  You can purchase right here at Mr Big or at our Amazon store.

Where do I find my product’s model number?  Model number placement will vary by product but most can be found in more than one place, such as: on the box adjacent to the UPC code, printed on the underside of the product, printed on the cord plug, or printed on the cord tag.  If you cannot find your model number and you are in need of it, please Contact Us and we can help.

Which type of iron is best for styling? Curling irons, curling wands, and flat irons all give a different and equally fabulous look for any hair type!  If you are in the mood to volumize, then definitely choose a curling iron or wand.  In the mood to flatten your unruly locks? Then it might be a good day for straightening. You can also vary your look by choosing a different size barrel when curling, from wide to narrow, uniform to tapered, you have so many different looks ahead of you.  Mix it up and experiment.  How fun!   

Which Mr Big iron size is best for my hair type?  There are so many factors to consider when choosing a curling iron to fit your needs. Width of the barrel, iron vs wand, heat settings, and your hair type all dictate which Mr Big iron is the best fit for you.  As a rule of thumb, longer hair is best using a 1” or larger, unless tighter curls are desired.  Medium length hair will benefit from any size, creating different looks.  Shoulder length or shorter hair will be best served with a 1” or a ¾”.  

Which heat settings should I use?  Many factors go into deciding which temperature is best for your hair type.  The variety of Mr Big irons irons have varying heat settings anywhere from 180° to 450°, depending on which hot tool you choose.  We have products suitable for all hair types!  It's good measure to start with a lower heat setting for your first attempt at curling or flattening, and if it doesn’t work well, increase the temperature one notch and try again. Repeat this until you find a heat setting that works well for your hair.  We advise using the lowest setting that curls your hair well as anything higher will be excess heat for no reason.  As a rule of thumb, fine, thin, or easy to curl hair might benefit from a low to medium heat setting while course, thick, or hard to curl hair will benefit from a medium to higher heat setting. 

How do I use and take care of my Mr Big irons?  Every Mr Big product comes with an information packet in the box. Read this packet!  It provides valuable information needed to operate and maintain your irons, and also includes safety instructions and the warranty information.  To clean your Mr Big irons, use a soft, damp cloth on occasion to rid your barrel of buildup from hair products like sprays and serums.  NEVER run under water and never use near water while plugged in. ALWAYS unplug your hot tools before cleaning.

I dropped my curling iron in the water. What should I do?  If your electrical appliance falls into the bathtub sink, or anything that contains water, even if it is not submerged, DO NOT reach into the water to grab it. First, unplug the iron. Even if the switch is turned off, any appliance can still be electrically charged. That situation can be very dangerous and should be handled with caution.  After the iron is unplugged, let it cool down to at least room temperature, and only then remove it from the water. After such an incident, the iron will be unsafe to use and should be discarded immediately. Dropping your Mr Big irons and other hot tools in water voids their warranty.

Are your irons dual voltage and how can I tell?  YES!  Our irons and wands are indeed dual voltage!  The voltage rating is either on the underside of the product and/or on the cord tag.  Dual voltage products show a range of voltage such as 100V to 240V.  If the voltage on your product is only a single number and not a range, then it is not dual voltage. 

Single Voltage Example:
120V 60Hz

Dual Voltage Example:
100V 90Hz/240V 80Hz

If you are still unsure, review the product's Information packet or Contact Us. 

Will I need a converter or an adapter when traveling out of the US or Canada?  So you have a great vacation planned out of the states and naturally you don’t want to travel without your Mr Big iron! Because our irons are dual voltage (100V to 240V), you won’t need a voltage converter when you travel abroad.  (Yay!)  You will only need to pack an adapter plug that is designed to fit the outlet holes of the country you’re traveling.  You will need this for any product that plugs in to a foreign outlet. We recommend you buy a "universal adapter", which will cover you in ANY country.  After plugging your iron into the adapter, it will now fit into the wall plug. Bon Voyage!

What does ceramic do for my hair? Ceramic is a superior product for curling iron and wand barrels.  It produces the most even heat distribution of any substance and offers the hair much more protection from heat compared to a bare metal barrel.  In addition, the negative ions that are created help reduce frizz!  Ceramic is also lighter than some other materials, which is especially important with the extra length of the Mr Big hot tools. Our irons are BIG but surprisingly light weight. These are just some of the reasons why ceramic is the #1 choice of professionals...  they can style hair all day and their arms won't get tired.  :)

Do your curling irons contain asbestos, formaldehyde, or Teflon? Mr Big uses only naturally occurring minerals with outstanding thermal properties as insulators. Our products do not contain any of these harmful ingredients.

Can I use a scalp massager if I have a medical condition?  Scalp massagers are designed to increase blood flow to the scalp and hair follicles.  In addition to slowing down on hair loss, the stimulation can actually improve hair growth and thickness!  As if that weren’t amazing enough, massagers can also relieve headaches, tension, and reduce stress, which is a major factor in hair loss.  In other words, they are just plain fantastic!  However, if you have a medical condition and think there could be cause for concern, please consult with your doctor before using any massager so he or she can determine if it’s safe for you to use.

How long are the cords on the different Mr Big styling irons?  Mr Big styling products have cords that are of professional lengths, ranging between 8ft. and 9.5 ft. long.  The extra cord length gives you the flexibility you need when styling anywhere, especially older homes where outlets are scarce.  This feature also comes in handy when traveling as hotels are notorious for misplaced outlets.  Happy Curling!